Conference topics


The main theme of the “Life with bears – 26th International Conference on Bear Research and Management” is human-bear coexistence in human dominated and politically fragmented landscapes. Specific conference topics are designed in a way to welcome recent research results, technical advances, and case studies on a wide spectrum of issues relevant to ensuring a long-term coexistence of bears and humans. We invite you to contribute to achieving this overarching goal by sharing your research or management story at the conference.

  • Bear physiology 6.8%
  • Bear ecology and behaviour 22.5%
  • Spatial requirements and demographic characteristics of bear populations 10.8%
  • Bear hunting 4.5%
  • Molecular genetics in bear conservation and management 6.8%
  • Human-Bear Interactions and conflict management including problem bear management 15.8%
  • Cons and pros of artificial feeding & impacts of other anthropogenic food sources on bears 3.6%
  • Public outreach and communication, and community-based conservation of bears 7.2%
  • Stakeholder participation in bear conservation and management 3.2%
  • Use of bears in ecotourism 1.8%
  • Ex situ conservation 0.5%
  • Bears and climate change 2.7%
  • Other 14%